Services We Offer

Intugent was founded by industry veterans with distinguished achievements in their areas of expertise. While our main focus is in developing integrated digitalized systems for our partners, we also provide research and development services to assist our partners in improving quality and velocity of their innovations.

Our services include developing scale up simulations of industrial manufacturing of the new product, simulations of process for application of our partners' products in their customers' processes. In addition, we provide consulting services to analyze and troubleshoot complex problems, ideation and brainstorming, intellectual property mapping and innovation opportunity analysis, and other research and development activities.

Scale up and Customer Process Models

Once a new product or solution has been found to meet customer's requirements, two question need to be answered. How will this product perform in the customer's process and what would it take to make this product on the industrial scale?

It is highly desirable to be successful at the very first customer trial. If chemical reactions take place during the application process, would there be enough time for application and would the reactions be complete at the end of the process. We take data collected from the laboratory experiments to develop models that can simulate commercial application process.

With a successful application trial with a customer, it is time to make the product on the industrial scale. Our scale up models can help identify the potential issues in the industrial scale manufacturing process and help engineers in optimizing their processes.

Project Consultation by SMEs

At Intugent, we retain subject matter experts with distinguished achievements and years of experience in their fields. Some of the fields where we provide expertise are:

  • Intellectual property
  • Process development
  • Product development
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Math modelling
  • Science based artificial intelligence
  • Digitalization
  • Work process and management of change