Our Products

Intugent provides a wide range of customized products to assist our partners in improving their innovation velocity and its quality. Our products can be employed individually or through a streamlined and fully digitalized work process. The products range from innovation canvas for designing new value differentiated solutions to predictive models which provide real time feedback to guide formulators.

Integrated Digitalized Work Process

A typical work process begins with a visual search of the commercialized products and solution as well as those tested on the experimental scale in the past by our partners that can meet the critical to quality (CTQ) requirements of their customers. A new product or solution is designed only when a gap in our partner's offerings is identified.

New product or solution is designed on the intugent canvas where researchers real-time feedback from a combination of predictive innovation tools. The canvas is directly linked to laboratory data collection system and the supporting databases.

We ensure data security and fast response times by using an optimum balance of cloud and edge computing and by designing a strong work engine that seamlessly integrates all databases, models and other utilities.

Intugent Canvas

Intugent Canvas provides a platform to researchers to do their magic. It has direct links to databases for raw material as well as for products and solutions. Researchers can start from scratch or from a historic solution. As researchers design new product or a solution, they get real time feedback from scientific artificial intelligence and physics-based engineering models.

The innovation canvas is directly linked to laboratory data collection system and the supporting databases. Researchers can also simulate commercial scale production using scale up models. They can also simulate the application of the product or solution in their customer's application to improve their chances to be successful at the very first trial. They can also manage the intellectual property generation and any other project related activity within from the platform.

Visual Search & Portfolio Analysis

A multi-variable graphical display for all of the products or solutions commercialized in the past and those tested only in the laboratory provides a visual identification of the set of products or solutions that can be offered by the partners to meet their customer's critical to quality parameters. Each product or solution has active links to documentation that provide more detailed product (solution) information and are linked to the manufacturing databases. Once a product or solution has been identified, necessary customer process simulations are conducted to ensure that the product or solution will work smoothly in the customer's application process.

The graphical display of portfolio is also used to identify gaps in the partners’ offerings. These gaps could be potential opportunities if the innovations needed to fill these gaps are possible and market niche exits or can be created for these gaps.

Physical Science & Scientific Artifical Intelligence Models

Our scientific artificial intelligence (sAI) models combine physical sciences with artificial intelligence. The state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms developed by Intugent provide more accurate predictions and require orders of magnitude smaller data sets for training the models than standard artificial intelligence. Above all, our models do not require high power computation and can provide real-time feedback to researcher as they design new solutions.

Math models based on physical sciences are developed whenever understanding of the underlying science is deep enough that the models have reasonable prediction accuracy. Math models based on physical sciences include structure-property, process and other engineering models.

Intellectual Property and Project Management

With a new invention, a company must chalk out a course of action to maximize the value of invention by defining and protecting a domain where they can make sibling and child inventions. A company, at the minimum, must have the right to practice their innovation. We help our partners in customizing the intellectual property (IP) strategies to their inventions depending upon the scope of the inventions, markets, and underlying technologies. We also help our clients to mine the patent landscape to identify white spaces for potential invention opportunities.

Many of the invention parameters that go in defining the IP strategy also determine scope of the project and the detail to which various project activities have to be managed. We generate project management tasks that are customized to scope of the invention.