At Intugent, our scientists specialize in scientific artificial intelligence (sAI), material science based math models, commercial scale process simulations, and information technology. The end goal is to help our partners in reducing developmental times and costs for innovations in new performance and increasing the odds for them to be successful at the very first commercial trial.

We are exploring ways to combine science and artificial intelligence to develop sAI models for predicting properties of new performance materials. Our integrated digitalized systems make use of cloud and edge computing to provide an optimum balance of data security and computation speed.

Recent Highlight

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Process Simulations and Rheokinetics for Thermoset Polymers

Increase your odds to be successful at the very first commercial trial of thermoset polymers by simulating and optimizing commercial application condition before the commercial trial.

Optimize and troubleshoot application such as adhesives, coating, filament winding and pultrusion. No background in mathematical modeling is needed.

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Digitalization Challanges in Polyurethane Industry

Polyurethane based systems are used in a wide range of applications such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and flexible and rigid foams. Digital transformation of the innovation process can significantly increase the quality and speed of innovations.

IIntugent scientists are reviewing various digitalization tools available to polyurethane industry and how these tools can be further improved to make a real difference to the bottom line.

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Digitalization Challenges in Composites

In a recent study sponsored by National Institute of Standards and Technology, it was identified that lack of modelling and digitalization tools is restricting the composite industry to grow at its full potential

Join our scientists as they review digitalization tools available to the composite industry and challenges in digital transformation of innovation process.

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Core Products and Services

Integrated Digitalized Systems


Increase your innovation velocity by using a fully integrated and digitalized system designed around Intugent Canvas.

Visual Search and Analysis


Visually analyze product portfolio and find innovation space or the right product for your customers.

Machine Learning with Physical Sciences


We specialize in combining artificial intelligence and physical sciences that mimic closely how the brain of an experienced researcher works.

Customer Process & Scale Up Models


Improve your chances to be successful at the very first customer trial by simulating customer's process. Shorten the industrial scale production of the product by running scale up process models.

Intellectual Property and Project Management


Use our customized intellectual property and project management files with scope and activities tailored to your innovation.

Subject Matter Expert Consultancy


Consult with our subject matter experts. They have deep understanding of various scientific fields, application know-how and strong problem-solving skills.